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SPECIAL REPORT: Business owners all in on legal poker clubs

"The way it works in Texas is there's ways around the gambling laws per se," said Joe Garcia,   El Paso Player's Club managing partner. "One of the big things that the state of Texas says is it has to be in a private membership area. You can't just have it out in the open, open to the public. Anybody that comes here has to be a member." El Paso Player's Club, along with El Paso Card House and House of Kings, all operate under a similar model. Players must pay a monthly membership fee. The businesses provide a place for people to play. But, the clubs do not take a portion of the money.  “The house isn’t favored. We rent the venue for them to play poker. We provide a dealer and we provide chairs for them to play poker. They rent the chair for an hour and then they become a member. That’s where the house makes the money," El Paso Card House manager Kevin Ryland.

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